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DC Home charger

DC Home charger

A DC charging station that is actually your personal low-power Super Charger. 
The uniqueness of the charging station lies in the ability to connect to any type of power source, namely:
Single-phase network;
Three-phase network;
Type 1 (J1772);
Type 2. 


The station is equipped with all connectors for connecting to the above power sources.

  • Charging standard:
    CHAdeMO (500V / 9kW)


    Power supply characteristics of the station:
    AC Input - 9kW / DC Output - 9kW


    Connection to the power grid:
    Industrial three-phase socket (380V / 15A)
    Industrial single-phase socket (230V / 40A)
    Type 2 socket (Mennekes) (380V / 15A)
    Type 1 connector (J1772) (230V / 40A)

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